Corina Chiriac

Head of Supply Chain, Quality, Services, Environment and Progress, member of the Management Committee

Corina Chiriac

She graduated in 2002 the Academy of Economic Studies – Faculty of Accounting, Audit and Management Control Department. In 2003 she earned a master degree in Auditing and Accounting, at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

Until 2003 she was an external auditor at Elite Consulting Bucharest.

Then, she returned to Galati and joined the Internal Audit team of the Plant. In 2004, she took over the audit activities of Hunedoara, Iasi and Roman units until 2007, when she was appointed as  Internal Assurance Supervisor for Romania and Macedonia.

In 2010 she became the general coordinator of audit operations in Romania and Macedonia on all business segments.

In 2012 she is appointed Head of Progress and in 2017, Head of Progress, Quality, Environment and Security.