Fernand Didelon

Chief Operating Officer

Fernand Didelon

Fernand Didelon is the Chief Operating Officer of the Primary Flux of LIBERTY Galati Steel Plant. He coordinates the operations in the areas: raw materials, Sinter Plant, Furnaces, Steel Melting Shop as well as gas and energy networks.

He graduated from “Ecole Superieure de Mines” Nancy, France, and became an engineer.

Since 1991 he has held technical and managerial positions at Dunkerque and Florange steel plants, especially in sectors such as furnace and sinter.

In 2010, he joined ArcelorMittal Sourcing as a specialist in purchasing solid fuels.

In 2011, he was appointed Head of Steel Melting Shop of the Plant and in 2015, Head of the Primary Flux of the Plant.

He is a member of the Management Committee of LIBERTY Galati.